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The Equipment in Durango.

The "Equipments" which you can craft in Durango are classified into nine categories. Range Weapon, Blunt Weapon, Life Tools, Material/Normal Blade, Axe Blade, Hammer Head, Knife Blade and Knife. Some of them are just materials used to craft the other categories like Hammer head and knife, but mostly all of them can be used in many ways. The "Equipment Level" varies as you put certain "Material's Level". In short the Equipment level changes as the material's level changes. Also take notice that each time you use your equipment its "Life Span" decreases, which means you can only use an equipment in a period of time so you will be needed to make new one every time. Also remember that you can't create a certain equipment without learning how to make one first on the "SKILLS" list which is located in "Crafting"