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Character & customization


Character Class



The Battle Lost Long and Brutal, But memories of my family kept me going. As soon as i look at their faces in that picture, I remember what it feels like to know peace. I'm Finally going home.

♥Starts with level 10 Melee Skill♥

Character Class



It's finally my break! What a long shift. Time to grab a quick bite at the dining car and strech out these stiff old legs.

♥Starts with level 10 Craft Clothing Skill♥

Character Class


I still don't have a good solution to this problem. I've boarded this train hoping to find one on this trip. Seems like the person sitting next to me has issues, too.

♥Starts with level 10 Weapon Crafting Skill♥

Character Class



I'm ready to take my family's farm to the next level, and the agro-business seminar I'm headed to is just the place to do it. The guy next to me happened to have the same interests, so we started chatting.

♥Starts with level 10 Farming Skill♥

Character Class



A thief stole my wedding ring while I was cooking. I cahsed him all the way onto this train. Once I calm down a little, I'll search every single car. I don't know who you are, but I will find you, and... ♥Starts with level 10 Cooking Skill♥

Character Class
Job Seeker.PNG


Job Seeker

All those months trying to get a job, and I failed. Gotta refresh myself with a short trip to the sea. I feel so helpless. I know being at the coast will calm me down, I just hope no one recognizes me.

♥Starts with level 10 Defense Skill♥

Character Class
Office Worker.PNG


Office Worker

I did it! I landed a big one! Ha, who's the top dog now! i can't wait to see the look on bossman's face when I shove this contract in it. Take that! Time to cut loose and parrrr-tay!

♥Starts with level 10 Building Skill♥

Character Class



I want to talk to her, make her laugh, but I'm just so nervous, Oh, God... She's streching her arms. Pull yourself together- deep breaths. Come on, just think of a joke or something...

♥Starts with level 10 Gather Skill♥

The Characters in Durango